Catrice is an European brand. It is a sister company to Essence.

Polish LinesEdit

Core PolishesEdit

The core collection was revamped in March 2013.

  • Black To The Routes
  • Bloody Mary To Go
  • Bricky Mouse
  • Caught On The Red Carpet
  • Denim Moore
  • Earnie & Birdy
  • Even More Heavy Metallilac
  • Fred Said Red
  • Fuchsiarama
  • Genius In The Bottle
  • George Blueney
  • Goldbusters
  • Hugo Moss
  • I'm Dynamite
  • I'm Not a Greenager
  • In the Armee Glow
  • Lilactric
  • Meet Me At Coral Island
  • Mint Me Up
  • Miss Piggy's BF
  • Oh My Goldness!
  • Orange-Utan
  • Papa Don't Peach
  • Petrolpolitan
  • Pimp My Shrimp
  • Purple Reign
  • Raspberryfields Forever
  • Robert's Red Ford
  • Rosy One More Time
  • Shopping Day at Bluemingdales
  • Squeeze Me
  • The Dark Knight
  • The Effect Maker
  • The GlamoureX Factor
  • The Monkey Gets Funky
  • The Pinky And The Brain
  • Vino Tinto
  • Walk The Lime
  • Will You Berry Me?!
  • You Better Think Pink

Ultimate NudesEdit

These polishes were released with the core line revamp in March 2013.

  • Apropos Coco
  • Bonjour Cherie!
  • Cotton Candy At Eiffel Tower
  • Don't Tell Mademoiselle!
  • Karl Says Tres Chic
  • Meet Me A Paris
  • My Cafe Au Lait At Notre-Dame


Catrice collections tend to be limited edition and include other products than nail polish, such as lip products, face products, eye products, and accessories. This listing is only concerned with the nail products.

Candy ShockEdit

  • Polishes
    • Bring Me Peach
    • I Scream: Ice Cream!
    • Play It Blue
    • Vanilla Love
  • Nail Sugar Pearls
    • Cotton Candy
    • Sugar Shock
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